Principal’s Roar

Dear Parents:

Desert View Middle & High School has served our high school students faithfully for many years and is immensely proud of our accomplishments and achievements during this time. We want to thank our students and parents for their loyal support over the years.

As you are aware, DVMHS has continued to grow and now finds itself with a new challenge. The Middle School has reached capacity and many families are waiting to enroll.

Our high school has reached a point where they need more variety of classes, including AP, honors, electives and courses aligned to their college and career readiness. Our current model does not have the ability to fully empower or equip our high school students to be successful in their academic endeavors. 

We have reviewed our options and believe we will best serve our high school students by not continuing our high school program for the 2020-2021 school year and in the foreseeable future. 

In action this means we are committed to:

  • Work with all of our students to complete their course of study. 
  • Push our students to build on their strong academic, cultural and social skills to equip them for their next high school experience. 
  • Give 100% effort to obtain the BEST AZM2 testing scores ever. 
  • Work with students on making the best decision for their next high school and assisting with any enrollment questions. 
  • Celebrate the accomplishments and spirit of the Desert View Middle & High School community through upcoming events. 

Please see the below links for specific information:

High School Letter Spanish

Mr. Larson,

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