Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

Desert View schools are tuition-free public charter schools using a personalized blended-learning model to educate elementary, middle and high school students (K-12).

What do we do?

Desert View Schools successfully educate students in a safe, small (less than 300 students), relationship centered setting, preparing them for college, career and life as productive adults.

How do we do it?

Desert View schools assess, teach and coach students using a blended learning model (digital curriculum plus high quality instruction), personalized learning experiences and high expectations. Desert View schools educate, empower, and equip our students for success in life. DVMHS was designed to make education a more positive, enriching and empowering experience for our students.


Who can attend Desert View Middle & High School?

Any middle or high school (6-12th grade) student, regardless of abilities, educational background or income is eligible to attend.  Click here to be contacted by Desert View Middle & High School team member.

What is the cost for attending Desert View Schools?

Desert View Middle & High School is a tuition-free public school.

Do the academic programs at Desert View Middle & High School meet state standards?

Yes. The curriculum at Desert View Middle & High School conforms to the same stringent standards as every other public, private or charter school in the State of Arizona. Diplomas earned at Desert View Middle & High School are accredited by the State of Arizona. In addition, Desert View Middle & High School is NCA accredited.

What about student achievement?

The Desert View blended learning model has an eight-year record of academic achievement, student success, and productive work environment for teachers and students ready to learn. Our educational model combines the best of face-to-face instruction, digital technology and extended learning opportunities to boost the achievement of our students. For students ready to learn, Desert View Middle & High School promises to deliver exceptional results: high student academic achievement, as measured by state assessment examinations, and students with the knowledge, skills and work ethic necessary for success in college, career and life.

What are some advantages provided to students who attend Desert View Middle & High School?

Multiple pathways. DVMHS offers students multiple pathways to learn, and accelerate the pace of their learning by blending classroom instruction with digital coursework. This empowers students to progress at the pace that best fits their abilities and academic goals, while allowing for flexible scheduling to make learning fit today’s busier schedules.

At Desert View Middle & High School, we meet each student at their current level and then build competency and confidence through hard work and encouragement. Our students have the opportunity to master material prior to moving on to the next level. The result is that they learn at a pace that’s individual to them, not the pace of an entire classroom. Our students aren’t limited by a single grade level but are advanced as they successfully master each subject.

The Desert View education model challenges students to achieve by giving them the freedom to exceed expectations. Desert View kids gain confidence as they take control of their own education.

Desert View Middle & High School students are provided with an opportunity to earn college credits through dual-credit courses taken through local community college. Students are also afforded the opportunity to take an end of course exam and receive high school credit, so that they can move on to material that they have not yet mastered.

Is there a “typical” Desert View Middle & High School student?

Desert View schools tailor a high-quality education to a broad spectrum of students. Students and parents find Desert View Middle & High School the best education solution for many of the following reasons:

• Smaller school

• Tuition-free

• Broad curriculum

• Ability-based, not grade-level based

• Relationally driven, personalized learning

• New technology integrated into the curriculum

• Accelerated pace of study available to students who want more challenge

• Can earn college credits while completing high school

• Flexible schedule

• Home-schooled students ready for Middle School or High School.

Does Desert View Middle & High School provide bus transportation?

School transportation services are offered on a limited basis. Contact the Desert View Schools office for more information.

How can I find out more about Desert View Middle & High School

You can click here to have a team member get in touch with you or you can set-up a time to meet and learn more about us by calling 928-317-3113.

How do I enroll at Desert View Middle & High School

Simply complete and submit our pre-enrollment form.  To access the form click here. Once the form is submitted you will be contacted by a school team member.