Online School

Desert View Middle & High School operates a school on a physical campus as well as a virtual campus for students who need, or want, the benefits of attending school online. Students must reside in Arizona.

Students may enroll as full-time or concurrent students. Full-time students must live in, or near, Yuma, or be willing to travel to Yuma for academic review, college and career counseling, parent meetings and state testing. All state testing is conducted and proctored in Yuma. In addition to state testing, a variety of other meetings require students to live in close proximity to the Yuma office. Yuma online students have the option of participating in the graduation ceremonies conducted by Desert View Middle & High School.

Concurrent students may live anywhere in Arizona. They maintain their status as full-time students in the local school of their choice and may enroll in one or two courses with Desert View Online. Generally, these students enroll in courses for a variety of reasons: to make up deficiencies in credits, to get ahead in their credits, or to take a course that might not be available in their home district. These students AzMerit test in their home district and are subject to all the regulations of their home district.

For more information about Desert View Online, email or call our campus at 928.317.3113.