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Principal’s Roar

Happy November!
It seems like only yesterday we started school and were dealing with the heat! As the weather now cools and the holidays approach, remember that we are almost half-way through the year! remember that there are many holidays in November and December, so each school day is critical and time is running out if you are not currently passing a class. Work with your teachers to determine how to improve your grades so that you get those credits!
Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving Dragons!
Mr. Larson

Monthly Flights

Once clubs begin, we will be doing fundraisers every month to help our clubs raise money. These fundraisers make it possible for our clubs to do a variety of activities. Some of our clubs include:

  • Student Council (STUCO)
  • Creative Writing
  • Cheer
  • Drama Club
  • Yearbook
  • Dance Committee
  • Prom
  • Intramurals

If you have questions about any of our clubs or fundraisers do not hesitate to call.


Home of the Dragons

Welcome to Desert View Middle & High School! We are a tuition-free charter school, educating 6th – 12th grade students using a proprietary blended learning model of digital curriculum plus high quality, personalized instruction and high expectations. DVMHS provides students and parents with a high performance option to traditional schools. Along with Desert View Academy and Desert View Online, we are part of the Desert View Schools family. Desert View Schools are student-centric, technology-enhanced schools that meet students where they are, and guide them to reach their fullest potential.

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